My Story

Inspiration is bliss. I find it in everything from the stitching of a seam to the stroke of a script. I identify with creativity in all its forms and express my own through multiple mediums.

As a child, I aspired to become a cartoonist and would practice by drawing my favorite characters and creating comic strips between notes in class. As a teenager, I fell in love with letterform and street art, filling the pages of black book upon black book with graffiti, stencil art and sketched portraits. At night I would venture into the city with two artists and practice painting on hidden walls and rooftops.

In college, I got my hands on the Adobe CS3 Master Collection and began translating my analog experience into digital artwork. Online tutorials and a borrowed textbook from a Photoshop certification course gave me enough confidence to offer my graphic design skills while interning as Advertising Executive at the local jazz radio station. Whenever I wasn’t selling advertising or writing copy for radio commercials, I would look for any opportunity to design e-mail flyers and website banner ads.

Over the next seven years I earned my BBA in Marketing and moved through the ranks of intern, marketing assistant and marketing manager at both non-profits and multi-million dollar corporations, all while moonlighting as a graphic designer and website developer. Each freelance project was an opportunity to learn something new. Every bit of feedback was an opportunity to get better.

Now I’m a designer by trade with a decade of experience, using my professional marketing knowledge to strengthen the impact of my artwork. Every piece has its purpose. Every picture, a bigger picture.